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sega genesis video game review

Midnight Resistance - 83%
Release Date: November 8th, 1991
Review Date: July 17th, 2007
Developer: Opera House
Publisher: Sega
Platform(s): Sega Genesis
Completed: Yes

midnight resistance video game review

While perusing the Genesis games at Toys R’ Us one day in the early 90’s, a little-known game entitled Midnight Resistance caught my eye. No, not the actual game itself—its pricetag: $20. Despite having never heard of it, I quickly rationalized that it was brimming with potential (yes, it had everything to do with the price). Despite what often results from the preceding scenario, this game is actually enjoyable.

Reminiscent of Contra for the NES, this side-scroller is continuous mayhem from start to finish, as you furiously annihilate endless enemies with an assortment of fairly standard upgradeable weapons—some of which include a powerful alternate firing option. The bosses are huge and impressive, but will succumb fairly easily to your gunfire. Which brings us to another facet of this game I appreciate: the limited difficulty. You can casually beat this game in as little as 30 minutes—just long enough to satisfy a quick gaming urge. Each of the levels is pleasing to the eye, but I thought the final boss showdown was situated in a notably picturesque setting, which made completing the game all the more satisfying.

Bottom-line: While it lacks Contra’s style and originality, it does contain sharper graphics, more impressive weapons, and most importantly…it’s
fun to play.